Branel"s product concept is designed to allow local service for both hardware and standard software. Branel software is serviced via modem/Internet.
We hold the basic view that when a client or user needs our assistance, "the client"s problem
is our biggest responsibility". We will then stop at nothing to ensure the fault is corrected and
the plant resumes operation with the shortest possible interruption. We do so in the knowledge that the client is 100% dependent on their production plant.

It is our intention that service should be as effective and resource efficient as possible
We are very aware that service waiting times are very expensive. Disruptions to production
cause frustration and lead to a long, negative, chain reaction: concrete mixing staff, drivers, vehicles, and contractors with their own machines and employees, etc.

We therefore focus on close and lasting client relationships and build our teamwork on openness, mutual respect and honesty.